Cheri oban

Cheri is inspired by the rare disease community and passionate about helping others. She is on a journey to bridge her personal and professional experiences to advance patients’ stories, clinical insights, access, and treatment options for rare diseases.

Her first-hand experience with rare diseases began when she noticed her child had unusual symptoms. This led to several years of seeing many specialists across multiple organizations to determine the best treatment path. Together with her son, she has been advocating for rare disease patients.


For over 10 years, Cheri has worked in the biotechnology industry. She previously held multiple leadership roles at Genentech. Most recently, she consulted at a mid-size rare disease company to support their first gene therapy launch. She is currently the New Indications Lead at UCB.


Cheri’s caregiver insight, scientific background, and extensive biotechnology experience, enable her to provide support for the rare disease community in areas such as understanding the clinical and regulatory landscape, launching new products, and removing barriers to ensure access to innovative therapies.

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Areas of Advocacy Expertise:

  • Nonprofit Organization

  • Board Management

  • Story Telling

  • Advocacy Partnerships outside of disease-specific community

  • Insurance/Reimbursement

  • Legislation/Lobbying on Capitol Hill

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The Rare Advocacy Movement (RAM) is a patient advocacy initiative focused on documenting the evolving complex structure and unique dynamics of the rare disease patient advocacy landscape. RAM serves as a Center of Insight (COI) for those interested in participating in collaborative patient advocacy initiatives and working groups within the rare disease industry. The RAM membership is comprised of a network of patient advocacy professionals that have vowed to abide by the established Code of Conduct for Membership.