There are several ways to contribute to the Rare Advocacy Movement (RAM), the only community-based leadership network within the rare disease ecosystem. RAM was founded on the premise of developing authentic, mutually beneficial collaborations between morally-sound, community-focused allies and community-based professionals. 

"Nothing about us, without us."


- the diverse people of the rare disease community

RAM Collaborations are community-based stakeholder collaboration programs developed in partnership with at least one member of RAM. Each RAM Collaboration must be mutually beneficial to all parties contributing to the partnership. As a result, each RAM Collaboration must address an ongoing community-based issue. 

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If you are interested in discussing the potential of developing a RAM Collaboration, you are encouraged to contact us.

If you would like for the RAM membership to consider listing and/or sharing a resource (i.e. publication, networking event, funding opportunity, etc.) that may be of interest to the rare disease community, please email us the resource for review and consideration.​

Another way to contribute would be to subscribe to our mailing list (if you are already subscribed, make sure to check that we aren't landing in your spam folder) and to follow us on social media (especially Youtube). You can find RAM's social media channels at the footer of each page.