The Living Rare Estate, the first of its kind community-based stakeholder (CBS) collaboration model, is made possible by the Adults Living Rare Initiative. The Living Rare Estate provides a sustainable, supportive and empowering home for people Living Rare.

Are you eligible to join the Living Rare Community in RAM House?


The Living Rare community, hosted by the Adults Living Rare Initiative, extends beyond the rare disease and medically complex communities into the neurodivergent and disability communities, uniting millions world-wide. 


If you are a member of the Living Rare community and are looking to contribute your skills, time, love and passion to the evolving professional rare disease community-based landscape, complete the RAM HOUSE eligibility form.

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rare360, a protective novel program designed to connect comprehensive community-based experts with trusted community-focused stakeholders, is a program offered through the Adults Living Rare Initiative. Interested in learning more? Contact us.