Rasheera dopson

Rasheera Dopson is the founder of two organizations: The Beauty with a Twist brand and The Dopson Foundation Inc. Both organizations are dedicated to creating spaces of inclusion for women and girls with disabilities.


Born with two rare diseases: GoldenHar Syndrome and Vater Syndrome, Rasheera has had 103 surgeries over the course of her life. Nevertheless, she has never let any medical adversity stop her from striving to make an impact in her community. Identifying as a woman with a disability, Rasheera also understands the concept of intersectionality. Not only has she built her own platforms to help bridge the gaps of health inequities within her own community but she has partnered and collaborated with many other organizations as well. Her work can be seen among patient-focused organizations and initiatives such as; The Children Craniofacial Association, FACES National Association of Craniofacial Conditions, The Georgia Council of Developmental Disabilities, NORD, Global Genes network, The Every life Foundation, Rare Advocacy Movement and many others.


In 2020 Rasheera completed a fellowship program at Georgia State University in which she participated in their Center of Disability Leadership  LEND program ( Leadership in Education and Neurodevelopmental Disabilities). She has spoken on several panels and helps to lead various sessions and webinars surrounding patient advocacy, disability education, and even empowerment for women and girls. This fall Rasheera will be starting her master’s program as a student at Morehouse School of Medicine with a concentration in Public Health and Community Education. Although Rasheera has an impressive portfolio, her true passion is to simply be a voice and leader in her community and to improve access and achieve health equality for all. 


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