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A RAM & MyRareData Collaboration

Mental Health is a large unmet need for rare disease patients, with 90% of the approximately 400 million rare disease patients in the world (30 million of which reside in the US) struggling with mental health issues. 


Mental Health for Rare envisions a world where rare disease patients, caregivers, care partners and siblings have access to mental health resources and services that are adapted to their unique needs.


  • Adapt existing Mental Health solutions to the needs of the rare disease community.

  • Launch mutually beneficial collaborations that improve access to Mental Health resources for rare disease patients, caregivers, care partners and siblings.

  • Promote the use of Mental Health resources across the rare disease ecosystem.

  • Support research & publications that analyze the progress and impact of Mental Health solutions dedicated to addressing the unique needs of the rare disease community.

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Rare patients and their families work tirelessly to improve quality of life, search for a cure and raise money. MyRareData believes that digital health can help rare patient groups reach their goals faster. MyRareData helps digital health organizations and rare patient groups:

  • Implement tools that improve quality of life for patients

  • Leverage data to drive research & better information about rare conditions

  • Raise money through data

All net proceeds from MyRareData activities directly benefit rare disease patients.

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