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RAM Members lobby

RAM's network consists of a unified group of global community-based activists, lived experience experts, and community-focused advocacy allies, all of whom have a special interest in solving issues within rare disease, disability and neurodiverse communities.​ 

RAM Members are a unique group of voting advocacy professionals who have made a public commitment to the patient and carer community through the Code of Conduct for Membership

Community-based activists and community-focused advocates interested in joining the RAM membership are invited to apply.

RAM Membership represents one layer of a complex democratic governing structure. For those who designate themselves as former RAM Members, please note that being a former member does not grant an individual with any voting rights or access to RAM.  

Additionally, being a RAM Member does not automatically grant an activist or advocate access to the proprietary insights of any existing RAM Collaboration. Each RAM Collaboration is governed by the established guidances of RAM, in addition to any additional governing conditions incorporated through the collaboration's founding parties.


Finally, RAM Membership is not required to participate or contribute in any RAM Collaboration. If you see a RAM Collaboration that interests you, please do not hesitate to connect with us or to discuss the development of other potential collaborations.

RAM reserves the right to reject any collaboration request(s) and/or proposal(s) for any reason.

Please Note: RAM Membership does not automatically grant access to RAM HOUSE. RAM HOUSE is an exclusive Discord server made available to community-based activists with lived rare disease experiences actively involved in a RAM Collaboration and/or initiative. RAM Membership is not required to participate or contribute in any RAM Collaboration or initiative. 

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