Nadia Bodkin, Pharm.D., M.S.
Nadia is a seasoned rare disease experience professional, born with three genetic rare conditions. Nadia went straight into professional advocacy work post-graduation through a foundation she founded as a pharmacy student called EDSers United. Since entering the rare disease ecosystem through the EDS community, Nadia has held numerous executive leadership positions within various rare disease advocacy focused organizations developing several community-focused campaigns, programs and initiatives in collaboration with industry-based and academic-based stakeholders, all of which have always had one goal in common: supporting the rare disease community's best interests.
After working as a consultant conducting landscape analysis, nonprofit business growth and development strategies, digital health community development and engagement protocols, biopharmaceutical therapeutic development and commercial access programs, etc., she decided to work with the global rare disease community to co-found the Rare Advocacy Movement in a concerted effort to eliminate toxic silos and streamline real-world communications to enhance morally-sound collaborative network opportunities for all community-focused stakeholders within the rare disease ecosystem.
Today, Nadia is the Chief Executive Officer for Blaze Therapeutics, one of the founding members of New Love Ventures and the co-founder of the Rare Advocacy Movement.
As a seasoned community-based professional in the rare disease ecosystem with a progressive medically complex condition herself, Nadia functions on the premise of making the most of the time that she has on Earth; and she is doing just that by dedicating her efforts to establishing sustainable collaborations between community-based professionals and community-focused allies aimed at improving the lives of medically complex people on a global scale.

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