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Before you apply ...

There are some things that you need to understand ...

RAM Membership will not provide you with an automatic window into current collaborations and initiatives. RAM Membership also doesn't provide you with the ability to shut down an existing collaboration or initiative (unfortunately, we have to say this because ... yes ... others have already tried).

RAM Membership will provide you with the opportunity to connect with other activists and allied advocates, who may (or may not) invite you to participate in an existing collaboration or initiative. No one is obligated to invite you to join their collaboration. If you'd like to be a part of a collaboration and haven't received an invitation to join an existing one, you can start one up yourself! Isn't that exciting? As a RAM Member, you have the opportunity to do that. (10) copy 3.png (4) copy 32.png

RAM Membership does not require you to participate in any collaboration or initiative. The only requirement is to not miss three consecutive voting opportunities in a row. Other than that, you can always choose to be a RAM Member that simply believes in community-based activism, the Code of Conduct for Membership and staying connected to other activists and sincerely community-focused advocates.

RAM believes in unifying, educating and empowering the global community, which is a diverse ecosystem. RAM's network has been designed using a novel model establishing a sustainable system that allows for the development and deployment of trusted community-based collaborations. RAM's innovative programs work to remove silos that slow down the therapeutic research and development processes, while putting a stop to any potential exploitation of patient stories and lived experiences.  

When someone gives you an ultimatum, always choose the other thing.


"A win for one is a win for us all ..."

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