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Making Life Beautiful Day is 6/11

Butterflies are life's beautiful reminders that no change worth experiencing comes easy.


What makes life beautiful?

Here are some answers we have received for this question: 

  • The ability to sleep & dream

  • Supportive family & friends

  • Financial security 

  • Finally receiving a diagnosis

  • A new season of your favorite show

  • Accessibility to travel

  • Being a part of a truly inclusive community

  • Service & Companion animals

  • Being valued & respected

  • A healthcare team that believes you

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Makes Life Beautiful: 

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Do you think free money makes life beautiful too?

If so, be sure to read more below about the 6/11 Challenge!

RAM House is hosting the 1st, 6/11 Challenge, in honor of National Making Life Beautiful Day, a community-based challenge for those who would like to show their appreciation for life through various artistic means. The 6/11 challenge is also an opportunity to win a cash prize for your artistic work! 


There are 3 categories:

1. Best-written Message,

2. Best Photograph,

3. Best Print or Digital Illustration.


There will be one winner for each category. Each participant may submit no more than one piece for consideration per category. That means each participant has a chance to win up to 3 individual cash prizes! Deadline for all submissions are June 11, 2021 at 11:59 PM PST. 

Interested in participating in the 6/11 Challenge?

What is Making Life Beautiful Day?


Making Life Beautiful Day is a national holiday that takes place annually on June 11th. The Adults Living Rare Initiative are the creators of the 6/11 Challenge in honor of Making Life Beautiful Day, a day in support of unifying global disenfranchised communities.

2021 is the first year of the 6/11 Challenge.