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Making Life Beautiful Day is 6/11

Butterflies are life's beautiful reminders that no change worth experiencing comes easy.

What is Making Life Beautiful Day?


Making Life Beautiful Day is a national holiday that takes place annually on June 11th. The Adults Living Rare Initiative are the creators of the 6/11 Challenge in honor of Making Life Beautiful Day, a day in support of unifying global disenfranchised communities.

2021 is the first year of the 6/11 Challenge.

What makes life beautiful?

Watch this short video to see some of the answers we have received for this question from the community. 

The 2021 6/11 Challenge

June 11, 2021, marked the first annual 6/11 Challenge, in honor of National Making Life Beautiful Day, a community-based challenge where participants show their appreciation for life through various artistic means. The 6/11 challenge winners not only get bragging rights, but they also get to take home a cash prize for their artistic pieces! 


2021's 6/11 Challenge had 3 categories: Best-Written Message, Best Photograph, and Best Illustration.



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