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-A message from RARE DISEASE people of color

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Are you or do you care for a rare disease person of color?

If you are a rare disease person of color or you caregive for a rare disease person of color, we might have a job for you! 
The Rare Black Lives Matter Too team is currently seeking fellow rare disease people of color to provide honest feedback on their views of rare disease stakeholder websites.
If you are interested in earning some $$$ for your feedback and insights as a rare disease person and/or caregiver/care partner of color, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we may schedule an introductory call to see if you are eligible to participate. 
What is the best way to contact us? 
Glad you asked!
Simply click on the contact us button below or send us an email to Talk soon!
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New Love Ventures

RAM has partnered with New Love Ventures to support the administrative needs of the "Our Lives Matter" DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) programs.

New Love Ventures, the creator of the New Love Human Culture trademark, is a novel Venture Philanthropy company determined to support initiatives that serve humanitarian efforts, in addition to supporting meaningful distribution of and access to resources, opportunity and the pursuit of happiness for humans of all types.​

New Love Ventures has recently launched the "Our Lives Matter" collection in support of the DEI programs that are dedicated to diversifying clinical trials, the rare disease advocacy environment, and correcting racial healthcare disparities. 

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