top of page provides updates, insights, and education covering therapeutic discoveries, promising health innovations and other community-based topics of interest that support informed decision-making and empowered health and wellness management for people and families impacted by chronic, life-altering rare conditions.

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Why Us

Rare Advocacy Movement (RAM) is the first community-based network of professional activists and allied advocates dedicated to protecting the interests of people living with rare conditions, disabilities, medical complexities, and their families, on a global scale.

Committed to transparency and objectivity, RAM empowers collaboration between trusted, dedicated, and allied stakeholders to support and drive dissemination of news, information, resources and programming for people and families impacted by chronic, debilitating diseases through the rare360 program. was created to address the critical unmet informational needs of the global patient and carer community. With lifesaving scientific discoveries being developed across the rare and complex disease ecosystem, centralizes access to credible, relatable, and trustworthy information on the latest developments in the field.

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